This looks great.

Last week we got a brief and mysterious teaser for Arrival, the newest film from director Dennis Villeneuve’s (Sicario, Prisoners) latest sci-fi film starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, with a promise of a full length trailer this week. Well, the promise has been fulfilled, and it’s pretty great. Check it out:

Looks good! This looks to be some really thoughtful and intriguing sci-fi, with less of an emphasis on a world ending alien invasion filled with violence, but more introspective and philosophical. Now apparently this film is based on a short story, but I myself have never read it. Based on this trailer, my guess is the aliens are trying to stop humanity from going to war with one another.

Speaking of the aliens, I mentioned in my last article about this film that I had hoped they would keep the appearance of the aliens under wraps and not show them in any of the marketing. Well, so much for that idea. I’m not too disappointed though, while we did get a glimpse at them, it was quick and it only served to make them more mysterious. This trailer did a fantastic job of maintaining that mysterious feeling of the teaser, all the while giving us a better idea of what the plot actually entails.

I’m totally on board with this, I love the director and the cast, and both the teaser and trailer have blown me away. Arrival can’t arrive soon enough. We’ll be able to check it out this November. You going or nah?

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