But wait I thought he was dead!

I’m sure this is shocking news to many (if not all) of you, but Superman has been confirmed to make in appearance in next year’s Justice League. I know, I know, he met his unfortunate end in the bold and completely earned and not at all wasted climax of Batman v Superman.

To be honest, I’m not sure why Warner Brothers even killed him. I mean, I know WB has been trying to get a Death of Superman movie made since the dawn of time, but it seems so extremely odd to kill of Superman in the second freaking movie of the DCEU, just to bring him back the very next year. I really don’t think WB knows the meaning of the word patience, but that’s beside the point.

Superman is coming back. That is confirmed. How will he change? Will he finally become the Superman we all know and love, the all-american boy scout and not the mopey fuck we’ve seen in the films so far? Well I have no idea all that, but I do know what color tights he’s going to be wearing.

WB has also been trying to get Superman into his black colored costume just as long as they’ve been trying to kill him, and it looks like they aim to knock that off their bucket list as well. Henry Cavill took to his Instagram today to post this not-so-subtle picture:

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A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

In case you had any doubt whatsoever as to what this picture pertained to, Cavill helpfully tagged the picture with #Superman, so it looks like Superman donning the black suit is #confirmed. Here’s hoping he gets to sport the mullet as well:get (1).jpg

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