Previously known as Justice League Dark.

DC has been kicking around the idea of a Justice League Dark film for quite some time now. Originally the film was going to be helmed by one Guillermo Del Toro and stay separate from the rest of the DCEU. Unfortunately, like so many other Del Toro projects, plans fell apart and Del Toro exited the film.  Justice League Dark was dead.

At least, mostly dead. It appears the film has been reanimated, brought back to life with a new director and a new purpose. Justice League Dark, now re-titled Dark Universe, will be helmed by none other than Doug Liman, who you may know was previously attached to the future dumpster fire superhero film known as Gambit. Thank god.

The lineup of Dark Universe will remain the same as the Del Toro version: John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, and Swamp Thing . That’s a pretty solid lineup of characters. We’ve already gotten a few live-action adaptations of John Constantine (for better or worse), and a Swamp Thing movie from the 80s, but other than that these will be new characters for DC to bring to the big screen. Hopefully they do a better job at establishing them than they did in Suicide Squad.

It’s interesting that Dark Universe will take place in the DCEU, as Del Toro’s original vision for the film was not. I wonder how much similarity exists between what Del Toro had planned, and what Liman is planning do with the film. DC has already released their general road map for the DCEU, but considering the many changes they’ve made to it since, I think it’s safe to say that road map doesn’t mean anything. It’ll be intersting to see how DC incorporates Dark Universe in tandem with the other properties in their cinematic universe.

I’m a fan of Liman’s work (Swingers, Edge of Tomorrow), so I’m hoping for the best for Dark Universe. At least, as much as one can hope for a film in the DCEU (please Wonder Woman, prove all my doubts wrong). I’m glad to see Liman’s talents will be utilized for something with potential like Dark Universe, and not a fucking Gambit movie.

What do you guys think of a Justice League Dark film?

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