Prepare to whelmed.

Disney is making it a habit of turning classic animated film into successful live-action adaptations. Their latest attempt shall be Bill Condon’s version of Beauty and the Beast, and while we have yet to see much of the film (you can check out a teaser here), I’m pretty excited for it.

Today we get our first look at the live-action versions of everybody’s favorite anthropomorphized clock and candelabra: Cogsworth and Lumiere. These pictures are courtesy of Twitter user @maconodom, check them out:

I’m going to be honest, I have some mixed feelings on these designs. While I really dig this interpretation of Cogsworth, Condon’s Lumiere leaves much to be desired. He’s just so visually busy without a clear point of focus, but I’ll wait until I see these two in motion before I pass final judgement. Still, it’s nice to see the filmmakers remain relatively faithful to the original designs.

We also got another picture of Luke Evans’ Gaston in a certain town pub. Check it out:

Overall, I love the look this film is going for (besides the misstep with Lumiere), and can’t wait to get a full length trailer for the film. Luckily, we’re poised to get a sneak peek (which acts as the source of these images) of the film in the 25th anniversary reissue of the original Beauty and the Beast, so be on the lookout for that.

We’ll be able to check out Condon’s Beauty and the Beast in its entirety when it hits theaters next year February 17th. You going or nah?

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