You’ll have to wait a bit for your Groot knock-off.

JA. Bayona’s (future director of Jurassic World 2) A Monster Calls was set to hit theaters this October. Well as everyone learns in their lives at one point or another, nothing in life is certain. Like release dates. Yup, we won’t get to see a Liam Neeson voiced Groot* wanna-be until a new limited release, starting December 23rd, before getting a wide release January 6th of next year.

Generally, studios push films back to a limited release in December because they think they could have an Oscar contender on their hands, so I see this as a vote of confidence for the film. The film wasn’t facing very stiff competition on its original release date of October 27th, so I feel this is likely the case. Everything we’ve seen from A Monster Calls has looked great so far, so this delay has only increased my excitement for the film.

In case you forgot what A Monster Calls is (or this is the first you’ve heard of it), here’s a trailer:

*I am fully aware this movie is based on a book.


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