Will this end Will Smith’s streak of bad movies?

Love, Time, Death. These are all pretty heavy concepts that every human must come to tackle at some point, including Will Smith’s character in Collateral Beauty. Except that Smith’s character deals with these concepts in a much more literal way than most in the film’s first trailer. Check it out:

Those of you hoping that this film would end Smith’s streak of bad movies may be disappointed with this trailer, I know I am. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems off about this trailer. Will Smith conversing with physical embodiments of these big concepts is a novel idea, but the way this trailer portrays it comes off as, I don’t know, cheesy? Hackneyed? Melodramatic?

In other words, this looks like a movie for grandmas. This almost looks like a parody of similarly over-dramatic self-important movies. The hilariously over-the-top music certainly didn’t do the film any favors. Which is a shame, I want Will Smith to be in good movies again, but I’m not holding my breath for this one.

For as mediocre as it looks, the film somehow managed to wrangle together quite the impressive cast: Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, and Michael Peña, all together in one film. I want to believe there’s a reason this film was able to put together such an awesome ensemble, but this trailer has definitely soured me on this film.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be great, maybe it’ll be terrible. We won’t know until it hits theaters this December. You going or nah?

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