In which Matt Damon believes he can fly.

The marketing is starting to ramp up for China’s attempt at making a Hollywood blockbuster in the form of The Great Wall. We got a pretty awesome trailer (accusations of whitewashing aside) a few weeks ago which seemed to get everyone excited for the film, including me! And then there’s this stupid thing:


Oh boy, where to begin?

First things first, the poster depicts Matt Damon, in what I can only assume is attempt to fly, leaping off of presumably the Great Wall of China, into what I also presume is a horde of monsters. Now, I don’t exactly know what Damon is planning on accomplishing here. If he’s leaping down to fight monsters on the ground, why exactly is he armed with nothing but a bow and arrow if he’s going to engage the monsters in close quarters combat. That is just poor planning on his part.

Secondly, unless Matt Damon can actually fly (which he may very well be able to, I don’t personally know Matt Damon), this motherfucker just leaped straight to his death. Seriously, the only thing he is going to accomplish in this poster is rapid development into a gory mess on the ground.

This poster is laughably bad. Maybe the studio heard all of the outcry over the film’s supposed whitewashing and simply decided to throw Damon’s white ass off the wall and be done with it? Your Or maybe it’s just a terrible poster. Your guess is as good as mine, and I guess we’ll find out the correct explanation when the film hits theaters February 17, 2017.

I know for sure I’m going to be checking out this film. What about you guys?

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