It’s official you guys.

Not too long ago, this tiny scoop dropped about who exactly everybody’s favorite murderous bat-themed vigilante would be facing off against in his upcoming solo film (hint: it’s Deathstroke). Well, it appears he has been cast.

According to the Wall Street Journal, actual werewolf and stripping enthusiast Joe Manganiello will don the iconic mask and swords to knock some sense into Ben Affleck’s Batman. This was confirmed in an interview with DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns, in which he discussed overseeing the DCEU films.

Sadly, Johns failed to clarify whether or not the footage of Deathstroke that Affleck teased is from the set of Justice League (which is currently shooting), or if it is simply test footage for the solo bat-flick. Personally, I’m hoping that Deathstroke doesn’t play a part in Justice League. That movie has enough characters as is, and I don’t really see what the addition Deathstroke would bring to the film. However, given Warner Brother’s track record so far, it’s not unlikely that they will try to shoehorn him into the film somehow.

I dig this casting. Manganiello’s charismatic in whatever role he inhabits (see his roles in True Blood and Magic Mike), and I don’t think anyone is doubting his ability to bring the obviously needed physicality to the role. While I’m still unsure how I feel about Deathstroke as the main villain for the film, I’m very much behind this casting choice for good ol’ Sladey.

I am wondering when Manganiello was cast, and whether or not that is actually him in the armor. If I were a betting man, and I’m not because I make poor decisions, I’d say Warner Brothers has been sitting on this news for a while, and that is Manganiello in the suit. But, that’s simply my own speculation. Which is often wrong.

What do you guys think of Deathstroke’s casting? Let me know in the comments below.

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