Seriously, what’s going on?

I’m not sure I have any idea what is actually happening in this new teaser trailer for Nocturnal Animals, all I know is that I want to see it. The film’s got a stacked cast in Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (with mutton chops no less!), which is always nice.

Check it out:

Sex! Murder! Jake Gyllenhaal! All valid reasons to want to see a movie, all of which are found in the trailer above. The film is obviously a thriller of some sorts, but if you can discern what the hell is actually happening then I’m all ears. The header above has done nothing but further increase my confusion (and it’s hilarious). Color me intrigued.

Let’s get a synopsis up in here and see if we can unravel what’s going on here:

A successful Los Angeles art-gallery owner’s idyllic life is marred by the constant traveling of her handsome second husband. While he is away, she is shaken by the arrival of a manuscript written by her first husband, who she has not seen in years. The manuscript tells the story of a teacher who finds a trip with his family turning into a nightmare. As Susan reads the book, it forces her to examine her past and confront some dark truths.

Huh. Not much else there. Well, I guess we’ll all just have to find out when the film hits theaters November 17th. You going or nah?

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