Featuring more CGI blood than you can shake a stick at.

I’m a sucker for cheesy horror movies, they can just be so entertaining sometimes. Don’t Kill It looks to be right up my alley. The film places Dolph Lundgren into the role of a grizzled demon hunter as he tries to stop a horrible evil that has been unleashed on an unassuming small town. It looks pretty great/terrible. Check it out:

Well that was delightfully gory. Don’t Kill It looks very dumb, and it well aware of that fact, which is what makes it look like such a fun movie. Don’t Kill It is directed by Mike Mendez, director of the similar bad horror-movie classic Big Ass Spider! He seems to have B-horror movies down to an art-form, which is why I’m looking forward to seeing this so much.

Let’s get a synopsis up in here:

An ancient evil is unleashed in a small Alaskan town leaving a trail of death and destruction as it passes from host to host. The only hope of survival lies with a grizzled demon hunter (Dolph Lundgren) who has faced this terror before. Together with a reluctant FBI agent he has to figure out how to destroy a demon with the ability to possess its killer.

The film will be playing this weekend at Fantastic Fest, where I’ll hopefully get a chance to check it out so I can write a review of the film for all you beautiful people out there. Stay tuned!

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