Ben Affleck has a Batman movie coming out at some point. It is known.

What wasn’t known however, was its title. Many (including myself) elected to tentatively call the film The Batman. One, because it’s sounds freaking awesome, and two, because Ben Affleck’s portrayal is almost universally agreed to be the definitive Batman, aside from all the murder-y bits.

As it turns out, dreams do come true. Affleck has taken a liking to call his movie The Batman as well. This can be heard in an interview with the Associated Press during the press tour for The Accountant, where he mentions he is currently calling the film The Batman (but that can change at a moments notice). Check it out:

Well he doesn’t sound too set on the name, but hey, it’s a start. The movie everyone has been calling The Batman is now officially called The Batman, so that’s pretty cool. We won’t get to see it for a while however, as Mr. Bennie is a very busy man. Pretty soon we’ll get to check him out in The Accountant, as well as his next directorial feature Live By Night.

We’ll get to see him don the cowl again next year in Justice League, but we won’t get to see the caped crusader in a solo outing until 2018. As mentioned in the video, Affleck and co. are still developing the script, and will update us once more progress has been made.



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