Warner Brothers has developed a bit of an odd approach with their superhero franchise. They’ll release an incomprehensible joyless mess of a film, and then release a longer cut on Blu-ray that makes slightly more sense, but still terrible.

For the few of you who saw Suicide Squad and thought “Wow this is great! I want to see more of this!” you’re in luck! As for the rest of you, I apologize in advance:

That’s right boys and girls, we’re getting an extended cut of Suicide Squad. I can’t imagine any good will come of this, but there you have it. It’ll hit Digital HD on November 15, and a physical Blu-ray release on December 13.

So much for the theatrical cut being David Ayer’s definitive cut…

Suicide Squad was a total train wreck, and I really don’t see how 13 minutes of extra footage will solve that. Along with its ever so apparent editing problems, the film has a dreadful script whose story logic makes absolutely no sense. Extending the film will not suddenly make the film better written or any more coherent. At best, this extended cut will be able to justify why the Joker was even in this film, but let’s be honest: do we really want to see more of Leto’s Joker?

Look, I know Suicide Squad has its fans, but this trend from Warner Brothers is troubling. Why bother seeing any of the DCEU films in theaters if they are going to be the hacked apart, watered down versions, that are later made slightly less worse for the Blu-ray release? Maybe we should consider the DCEU a direct-to-video franchise from now on.

At the very least, I guess we know why WB has taken to calling their franchise the DC Extended Universe.


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