After months of speculation, the title for the final Wolverine film has finally been revealed. Its simply called Logan. I definitely wasn’t expecting something like this to be the title, but I dig it. The title places more emphasis on Logan as a character instead of his superhero persona. Plus, it’s a ballsy movie on Fox’s part to forego any reference to the X-Men franchise in title of the film, so kudos to them for that.

Along with a title, we also got a pretty cool looking poster for the film courtesy of Hugh Jackman’s twitter.


Did we already know Logan released March 3? Well if we didn’t, there ya go.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also got some plot details thanks to The Wrap. Spoilers follows, obviously.

Logan will take place in the distant future of 2024, where our favorite mutant has retired from his days of superhero-ing. His powers have been fading, with his healing occuring much more slowly (if at all). To compensate, Logan has become something of an alcoholic, and drives a limo to make ends meet.

Mutants are dying out, their birthrate in decline for an unknown reason. The government has begun turning the few mutant children left into killing machines. Apparently the girl holding Logan’s hand in the poster is one of these mutants, with two retractable claws similar to Wolverine (X-23 anyone?). Logan becomes something of a mentor to her.

Along with taking care of a little girl, Logan has also been tasked with taking care of an old and decrepit Professor X, who is seemingly going senile and sometimes even forgets who Logan is. Stephen Merchant is also there, playing the Albino mutant Caliban, helping Logan take care of Professor X.

Well, that all sounds depressing. But I like it! There are some obvious influences from the Old Man Logan comic, and this bleak future the film is painting actually sounds pretty interesting. Based on the fact that Logan’s healing factor is failing, and this is set to be Jackman’s last appearance of the iconic character, methinks this movie isn’t going to have a happy ending. Get your obituaries ready now folks.

I have pretty high hopes for this film. The Wolverine was good, not great, but director James Mangold and Jackman seem to have a lot confidence in Logan, hopefully the third time’s the charm for these bubs.


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