Microsoft has been trying to get a Gears of War movie made for quite a while now, almost as long as their supposed Halo movie. I think a Gears movie has already been officially announced at least two times, but a new game is coming out, so by golly they are going to announce it again!

This news comes to us courtesy of Variety:

The film adaptation, announced during a livestream for the upcoming release of Gears of War 4, is being developed with Universal Pictures under the eye of veteran film producers Scott Stuber (“Ted,” “The Kingdom”) and Dylan Clark (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”). A movie based on the popular third-person shooter franchise has been rumored for years, but Rod Fergusson, studio head of game developer The Coalition, said now was the right time to make the leap to film.

I won’t believe this movie (or any video game adaptation for that matter) is actually happening until I see a god damn trailer, but for the sake of this article let’s believe that it will.

Let’s be honest, video game movies haven’t had the best track record so far, but one of these has to be good eventually, right (although I did like Warcraft)? I’m not sure if a Gears of War movie will be THE video game movie, but I think it has a chance. The franchise has a pretty interesting world, a likeable and charismatic cast of characters, and a relatively straightforward story that would easily translate to a movie.

Gears of War is known for its beefy, gritty, “overly manly” aesthetic, but I think that could actually work in the films favor. Gears of War could work as a straightforward R-rated action movie with a bit of a satirical edge, as were ever so common in the 80s. Think Predator, or Robocop, or more recently, Dredd.

While Gears of War definitely isn’t my first choice for a video game movie, there is potential there. I doubt the likelihood of this ever reaching the big screen however, as a countless number of video game movies have been announced, only to end up in development hell. But I will continue to cheer for video game movies (please by good Assassin’s Creed) until I get my god damn Halo movie.

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