Sony, the bunch of goofballs that they are, have apparently let the rights to Captain Planet lapse.

So if Sony doesn’t own the rights to Captain Planet anymore, who was fortunate enough to pick the up? Well if THR is anything to believe (and it is), it’s none other than future Martian himself: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here are the details:

Paramount and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions are teaming to recruit Captain Planet to take pollution down to zero.

The studio is in talks for the rights to the 1990s cartoon series, and is eyeing Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell to write the script.

Sources say the story takes place years after the adventures of the show, with the Captain now a washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him.

I’m in. There’s something so innately ridiculous about a washed up, “getting too old for this shit” Captain Planet that makes me insanely curious to watch this. There’s no word on who will play Captain Planet, but I’m crossing my fingers that Nardo himself will slip into the spandex, however unlikely this is.

Glen Powell is set to write the script. Powell has previously appeared in Scream Queens and Everybody Wants Some!! While I have no experience with Scream Queens, Powell was fantastic as mustached man #4 in Everybody Wants Some!! Hopefully his acting talent can translate to his writing.

Until we get a chance to check out this future cinematic masterpiece, I leave you with Don Cheadle’s take on the defender of the environment:

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