According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, the long anticipated sequel to The Incredibles and the not so anticipated sequel to Toy Story 3 finally have release dates.

Here they are:

So there you have it! We’ll all get to enjoy The Incredibles 2 smack dab in the summer of 2018, and have a year to recover before we check out Toy Story 4. If you’ve been keeping up with your Pixar news, you’ll realize that these two films have essentially switched original release dates. If that means we’re getting The Incredibles 2 sooner, then I’m all for that.

Though to be honest, I’m not too against Toy Story 4 continuously getting pushed back until the end of time. In the list of most unnecessary sequels ever conceived, Toy Story 4 has to be up there.

The fact that this was pushed back almost a year is interesting to me, and I’m forced to wonder if this is symptomatic of developmental issues. Pixar is known for gestating and tinkering with their projects until they think they’ve got it right, even if it means delaying the film. The Good Dinosaur is a prime example of this. Originally slated for May of 2014, the film experienced a similar one-year delay, undergoing massive creative changes.

Even after all of that, the film opened to a fairly lukewarm response both critically and financially wise. Perhaps Pixar is having trouble cracking the story of Toy Story 4, and this early delay is to help them avoid another Good Dinosaur situation.

This all mere speculation on my part, however. The more important part of this announcement is that we are getting The Incredibles 2 sooner, which means it’s that much closer to being a reality.

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