Well, it’s finally here, the first full-length trailer for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action remake.

Check it out:

Looks pretty solid, if not a tad derivative. To be honest, Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast looks to be an almost shot-for-shot remake of the original animated film. Not that that is a bad thing mind you, there’s something to be said for faithfulness to source material. I’m into it.

One thing I’m actually very into about this is the general visual design and aesthetic of the film. This thing looks freaking beautiful, from the set designs to the costumes, to the bad ass looking Beast. Everything on display is gorgeous. Emma Watson looks like she’ll make a solid Belle as well.

Disney has been killing it with their recent live-action remakes, and this looks to be no different. While there isn’t anything particularly outstanding about this trailer, it’s solid enough for me to continue looking forward to the film. I’m certain it’ll be quite delightful.

I know, what a ringing endorsement right? Anyway, we’ll all be able to check Beauty and the Beast out in March of next year, which is looking more and more likely to be a bloodbath of film’s battling out at the box office.

What did you guys think of this trailer? You into it? Sound off in the comments below.


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