A rumor started going around last week that our friendly neighborhood Spider-man would don the classic web wings, calling back to the original Steve Ditko design (seen below).


Well, looks like the rumors were true as this trailer teaser confirms:

This is a very small glimpse, but I’m into it. Beyond just the look of the new suit, the footage is interesting. I’m extremely happy to see Happy back into the MCU fold. The way this teaser was shot is interesting, as it almost looks like Go-Pro footage that Peter is recording. I wonder if Homecoming will have a large handycam element to it? While I’m not too sure how I would feel about that, it’s an interesting prospect.

On a mildly interesting note, the scene with Happy appears to take place during Captain America: Civil War. Peter looks like he is still rocking his homemade duds, which might mean this takes place right before the airport fight. Maybe Tony Stark’s involvement in the film is via flashback?

I’m sure many of these questions will be answered in the full-length trailer, which is set to drop tomorrow on Jimmy Kimmel. Take a deep breath guys, it’s almost here.

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