A couple of months ago we reported that the long speculated upon upcoming God Particle was in fact, a Cloverfield movie. This came as a shock to no one. What was most interesting about that announcement was the fact that J.J. Abrams was planning on releasing a Cloverfield film annually from now on, forming a loosely connected cinematic universe, with God Particle slated for February 24th, 2017.

Well, it’s time to adjust your calendars folks! A new report coming out of Deadline states that God Particle has been taken off Paramount’s release schedule entirely. In its place exists an untitled Cloverfield IMAX Movie, with an October 27th release date. Interesting.

There are a few ways to interpret this news. The most obvious being God Particle simply had a release date shift and is awaiting a proper Cloverfield-branded title in line with the previous two films. This is the most likely scenario.

However, another scenario exists that I find to be much more intriguing, and that is the possibility that God Particle and Unititled Cloverfield Movie are in fact two separate films. The fact that Paramount didn’t announce that God Particle had shifted dates gives credence to this theory. The film being specifically announced as an IMAX Cloverfield hints at a film slightly larger in scale than God Particle suggests. But hell, 10 Cloverfield Lane recieved an IMAX release as well, and there was only about five minutes of unnecessary alien action in that film.

This is merely speculation, however. I’m just happy that we are getting more Cloverfield movies, so the more the merrier. What do you guys make of this news? Is Paramount simply playing mind games? Discuss.

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