I’m not going to waste anytime grandstanding. Let’s get to the fucking trailer:

Okay, how great was that?

The tone of this thing is perfect. Spider-Man is still the lovable smart ass that he was in Captain America: Civil War, as made apparent in his face off against the faux Avengers. This scene is classic Spider-Man comedy. Tom Holland continues to prove that was born to don these tights. Especially this gorgeous iteration of Spidey’s costume.

I wasn’t expecting Tony Stark to be shown off so soon, but I guess if you have Robert Downey Jr. in your movie you’re gotta flaunt him. Downey and Holland continue to display their fantastic chemistry here. The small scene of them bickering in the car is hilarious. What is extremely surprising to me is the shot of Spider-Man swinging alongside Iron Man. I definitely wasn’t expecting Stark suiting up in this film, maybe he’ll have a larger role than previously thought.

We got a small taste of Michael Keaton’s Vulture and I absolutely adore his design. Man does he looks bad ass. Not only that but in the small snippet we got of him, he was actually intimidating! With a talent like Keaton portraying the villain, maybe Marvel will be able to break their crappy villain curse?

There were a few quick glimpses of some of the set pieces in the film and they all look pretty impressive, especially the money shot of Spidey holding two giant boats together. That is giving me some serious Spider-Man 2 vibes. What is intriguing to me to me are the few shots we got of Spider-Man rocking the old homemade costume we wore before Civil War. Are we going to see some flashbacks in this movie?

This trailer was perfect, perfect in every way. This looks like the Spider-Man film we’ve been waiting for.

UPDATE: Turns out, we are lucky boys and girls tonight, as we’ve gotten a second trailer! This one is the international trailer and has quite a bit of new stuff that wasn’t in the first one. Check it out:

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters Jul 7th, 2017. I know we’re all going.

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