After releasing an avalanche of stills and photos from Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox decided to gift us a Christmas gift in the form of a trailer. Let’s check it out:

Well, that was violent.

This definitely feel different than Prometheus and more like the original Alien, if a tad derivative. Michael Fassbender’s David is obviously returning, although he appears to have recovered from his severe case of decapitation from the previous film. Maybe he is playing a different model of David?

The trailer also displays something I didn’t know I needed: Danny McBride as a bad ass space cowboy. Nothing more needs to be said on that topic, that sentence covers it all.

I do have a somewhat large issue with this trailer: it show’s way too damn much! I mean, I get wanting to show off your new violent and scary Alien film, but subtlety goes a long way! This thing spoils a ton of deaths in the film. Billy Crudup: dead. Backchester guy (and girl in the room): dead. Shower sex dude: super dead. Simply showing the Xenomorph tail emerge out of the shadow at the end would have been sufficient, but the trailer takes it too far and shows blood splatter all over the women. Leave some suspense for the film guys.

Although, I sorta love the concept of an alien kill in the middle of a sex scene, as it overtly plays into the underlying sexual horror of the Xenomorph. I’m honestly shocked this is the first time something like this has happened in the franchise. I’m into it.

Visually the trailer is beautiful and does look in line with the look of Prometheus. Here’s hoping the film doesn’t have a dumpster fire of a script as well.

Alien: Covenant bursts into theaters May 19, 2017. You goin’ or nah?

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