So I’m sure by now everyone has heard the stories about people passing out at TIFF while watching RAW, how insane it is, how violent it is, blah blah blah. Don’t listen to that. Yeah the film is a little gross at some points, but the only piece of information you need to know concerning RAW is how fucking fantastic and brilliant it is. It’s horrifying, thematically rich, and an intriguing character piece.

I was blown away by RAW at last year’s Fantastic Fest (see my full review here) and the first trailer for the film helps demonstrate why. Check it out (it even features a cameo appearance of this very site!). Just a warning, it’s fairly NSFW:

I’m not going to talk about the trailer very in depth considering I’ve already seen it, just know that this film is very, very, very good, and one hell of a debut for first-time director Julia Duccournau. Definitely mark this one on your calendar folks.

Along with a trailer, a stunning poster was unveiled  as well:

RAW hits theaters March 10th. Don’t skip this one.

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