I’m not the biggest fan of Fox’s X-Men franchise, but the first trailer for Logan blew me away. The second trailer is now different.

Check it out:

While not as emotionally affecting as the first trailer for Logan, this one more than makes up for it with its action. This trailer packs one hell of a punch. There’s a ton of stabbing and dismemberment on display here, a significant amount of which is being performed by a young girl.

Dafne Keen’s Laura Kinney, better known as X-23, looks like she is going to be a total bad ass. I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Logan plays out. The pair already look to have a budding father-daughter dynamic going on, and if this truly is Hugh Jackman’s last go as the character, a potential passing down of the Wolverine mantle?

Either way, I’m definitely buying what Logan is selling, and I cannot wait for this thing to finally come out. Logan hits theaters March 3rd. You guys going?


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