Well, Beauty and the Beast is coming out pretty soon and that means Disney’s marketing machine is out in full force. The latest effort comes in the form of an excessive amount of character posters, so we let’s get through ’em.

I regret to inform you that Beast’s nose looks like a penis.

Holy shit I forgot Ewan McGregor was in this thing.

And Ian McKellen?! Man, I forgot a lot about this movie.

My main man Stanley Tucci looking as ridiculous as ever.

Luke Evans looking very Luke Evans-y.


Wheh! We did it guys, we got through all of them. And hey, they all look pretty good (minus Josh Gad), if a bit uninspired. I just appreciate the reminder that this thing comes out so soon, and how many cool people are in it!

Disney’s live-action adaptations have all been solidly solid and Beauty and the Beast looks to be no different. It sure looks to be faithful to the source material if anything else. We only have a little over a month to go, as it hits theaters March 17th!

Are you guys excited? Sound off in the comments below.

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