There have been rumors swirling for weeks now that Denis Villeneuve, director of masterpieces such as Sicario, and Arrival, as well as the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, was in talks to direct a new adaptation of the classic science fiction series Dune. Well, those rumors have seemingly been confirmed due to a tweet from Brian Herbert, son of Dune author Frank Herbert, which reads:

I’m so happy this turned out to be true. Villeneuve is a powerhouse of a director (he’s currently up for multiple Academy Awards due to his work on Arrival). While Dune is a legendary series of literature in its own right, its live-action adaptation’s have never lived up to the source material. Villeneuve is the perfect guy to try to revive this series on the silver screen, and I cannot wait to see what he does with it.

One interesting aspect of Herbert’s tweet is the mention of a series. Sounds like they have a franchise in mind, which makes sense. Dune is an enormous property and would require more than one film to do it justice. There were rumors of a Dune television adaptation being in the works, I wonder if this ties into this news somehow?

Regardless, we here at Caffeinated Film are very excited to hear this news and will, of course, keep you updated as this project develops.

What do you guys think of Villeneuve directing Dune? As pumped as we are? Sound off in the comments below!

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