The DC Extended Universe has gotten off to a rocky start, to put it extremely mildly. With Man of Steel receiving a lukewarm reception, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were near universally reviled, and rumors of Ben Affleck not wanting to be Batman anymore, you’d think Warner Bros. would want to steer clear of any further controversy for their troubled cinematic universe.

Well, think again guys.

Sayeth The Hollywood Reporter:

Warner Bros. is courting (Mel Gibson) to helm Suicide Squad 2 and the sides are early in talks, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. No official offer has been made nor has any commitment.

Sources say that Gibson is familiarizing himself with the material.

Yup. Warner Bros. wants Mel Gibson, a man who’s racist reputation needn’t be explained, to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. Apparently, David Ayer will not be returning to direct due to his commitment to developing Gotham City Sirens, which is its own whole can of worms.

I mean, holy hell guys. I don’t think WB could court for a more controversial director with as much baggage (except maybe actual rapist Roman Polanski?). Suicide Squad was a gross, mean-spirited, violent cartoon. That’s right up Gibson’s alley.

You know what? Fuck it, let it happen. The DCEU is a glorified dumpster fire already, let Mel Gibson send it off in a blaze in his signature insanity. Let’s make Suicide Squad 2 be the most gruesome, bizarre, disturbing, religion-fueled, exploitive “superhero” movie to ever come out.

At the very least, it’ll be better than the first Suicide Squad.

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