The latest trailer for Alien: Covenant is here and boy do I have some words for it. But before we get to that, why don’t you check it out yourself:

I’ve been feeling pretty positive about this film overall, but oh man has this trailer made me nervous.

First, the positives. I like the overall idea of the purpose of the crew’s mission being colonization. It’s unique in terms of the different sets of characters we’ve gotten in previous Alien films. If anything, it’s reminiscent of the crew in the original Alien film being simple transporters, space truckers essentially. I’m glad it isn’t just another bunch of scientists, everyone acting dumb won’t be near as hard to explain as it was in Prometheus. Plus, everyone on the ship being couples is a cool angle.

This just looks a little too Prometheus for my liking. I’m still not too hot on learning how the Xenomorphs were created. I feel that it’ll just take away from the innate horror nad mysteriousness of the creature. It certainly doesn’t help matters when the Alien franchise keeps repeating the same exact character and horror beats every film. How many times have we seen a person unknowingly gaze into a hatching Xenomorph egg before their inevitable impregnation? How many times do we need to see characters act irrationally for no other reason than the demands of the plot?

With that being said, the fungal infection aspect has the potential to be interesting, and I really dig the different Xenomorph designs we’re getting here. There looks to be a paler version of the Alien from Prometheus, as well as the classic Xenomorph. Hell, I may have even seen a third type somewhere in there. I’m sure someone more eagle-eyed than me can tell me I’m wrong.

I so want this to be good, but this trailer has left me with more reservations than I had before. The Alien franchise has had a rough go, here’s hoping Danny McBride and his awesome cowboy hat can save it.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19, 2017.

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