Will Smith. Orc Cops.What more can you want?

As you can tell, I am very much on board with David Ayer’s upcoming weird fantasy cop movie The new images released from Entertainment Weekly, certainly have done nothing to dissuade that excitement.

Check them out:

Just in case this is the first you’re hearing about this movie and have no idea what the hell is going on in these images, here’s how Will Smith (above cop) and Joel Edgerton (orc cop) describe the film:

“I am the first orc, under a diversity program, to be allowed into the police force,” Edgerton explains. His fellow officers do not welcome him with open arms. “I’m under investigation already for an incident that involved an orc who should have been apprehended but managed to escape. The feeling is that I looked after my own kind first and neglected to do my job as a result.”

“He’s like the Jackie Robinson of orcs,” Smith says. “He has to make it go right, or other orcs won’t have a shot. So he’s taking on the social responsibility of being a good cop, with the weight of his people on his shoulders.”

“I love how bizarre it is,” Smith tells EW. “I’ve been saying it’s Training Day — a gritty LA cop drama, the darkness and handheld grittiness — meets Lord of the Rings. There’s orcs and fairies and elves, mean-ass elves.”

I don’t know how one reads the statement “Jackie Robinson of orcs” and doesn’t applaud the film for the bat-shit insanity its embracing. On paper, this thing sounds utterly ridiculous, but at the same time Bright looks kind of bad ass. Ayer has some quality films under his belt (The Oscar Award Winning Suicide Squad not withstanding) and Bright looks to be right in his wheelhouse. At least, I hope it is. This idea is too damn weird to waste.

Bright hits Netflix in December/ You going to watch it?

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