After a rather unique advertising venture where fans literally watched a block of ice melt via livestream (which I shamelessly took part in) as it slowly revealed the premiere date for that latest season of Game Of Thrones. Well, the ice has melted, and the date revealed. And without further ado…

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere on HBO on Jul 16th, 2017!

As a bonus, we got a small teaser:

We were also treated to a fancy new poster, which reveals absolutely nothing:


I don’t care if the poster is literally just words in on top of ice, I’m happy to finally have a date! The wait for The Winds of Winter has been long enough, but now we have solid confirmation of when we’ll be able to return to the world of Westeros.

Now to put on my (usually wrong) tin-foil speculation hat. A popular theory that has been gaining prominence is that the Wall will, in fact, fall by the end of this season. I wonder if this ice-melting marketing gimmick is a clever way to foreshadow that exact scenario. Who knows.

Oh well! Now that we have a premiere date, hopefully, that means that a trailer is not too far off. I’m jonesing for some GoT content.

Once again, Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere on 7/16/2017. Mark your calendars folks.

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