Sony is hurting, guys.

They really need a franchise. Their ‘Ghosbusters Cinematic Universe’ (yes, that was a thing) didn’t pan out, Passengers was a problematic failure, their profitable Adam Sandler movies have moved to Netflix, and methinks they’ve bet one too many chips on their upcoming Emoji movie, starring Patrick Stewart as a literal piece of shit.

The only two successful properties they have are Spider-Man and James Bond. They’re desperate for franchises. So desperate, that they aimed to create their own cinematic universe around Spider-Man, with Sinister Six, Black Cat, and Venom solo movies. We all know how that turned out. One thing lead to another, Spider-Man was rebooted and is now home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well, Sony is not going to quit. They are getting their Spider-Man spin-offs, damn it, even if it kills them. Starting with a Venom film with no connection to their current Spider-Man. Columbia Pictures announced this some time ago, but now, they have an official date:

Venom, Columbia’s long-in-the-works Spider-Man spinoff, now has a opening date.

The studio on Thursday announced it has set Oct. 5, 2018, as the release date of that comic book movie.

Bad Sony! Bad! Sony already made one attempt at forcing Venom onto the big screen, and it didn’t work out too hot. Let’s think about this before trying again.

Sony garnered a lot of goodwill partnering with Marvel for Spider-Man, but it appears they are going to immediately squander it by shoving a Venom movie down our throats, one that has nothing to do with the larger MCU. What is Venom without Spider-Man? If they really wanted a successful spin-off franchise, one would think they would wait to introduce the character in a Spider-Man film. I honestly think the character could lead his own film, but not without a back story connected to Spider-Man. It’s integral to his character.  Venom sans Spider-Man is just baffling to me.

Then again, this is Sony we’re talking about. I just can’t muster any excitement for this thing, and I’m a huge fan of the character.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

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