I know why you’re here. I’m going to go ahead and get out of this thing’s way:

Before I really dig into this trailer, I feel the need to remind myself and everyone that all of the DC movies have had amazing trailers, only for the final product to be hot garbage.

With that being said.

Holy shit, this trailer was awesome. If the tone of this trailer is actually indicative of the tone of the movie (unlike Suicide Squad), then I think they’ve nailed it perfectly. Gone is the overly brooding, pseudo-darkness of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Now there seems to actually be some god damn levity. This trailer admittedly makes Justice League look like a ton of fun. Plus, I love the dynamic they’re setting up between the different members of the League.

“Dressed like a bat? I dig it.”

I was definitely not expecting Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to be as enjoyable as he is here, dishing out quips and riding the god damn Batmobile, but there you go. The mentor/mentee relationship between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen (The Flash) looks hilarious as well. I like how they’re setting up Batman to be the grumpy old dad of the team, as it really lets his sardonic humor shine through. We also got our first look at J.K Simmons‘ Commissioner Gordon, so that’s pretty cool.

Now, again, need we remind ourselves, this is a DCEU movie. A Zack Snyder one at that. There is a very high chance that Justice League turns out to be another incoherent, slow-motion filled dumpster fire, considering it needs to establish Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Parademons, Steppenwolf, Mother Boxes, Atlantis, presumably bring Superman back to life, and actually form the Justice League itself. That’s a tall order. Based on WB’s track record with this universe, I don’t have a lot of faith in them. But god damn I hope they pull it off.

Also, every time I see him I feel the need to point out just how terrible looking Cyborg is. Jesus Christ, he looks like the box art from an early 2000’s graphics card. Can’t believe that’s the design they went with.

Justice League flies into theaters November 17th. Please be good.

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