Managed to somehow force yourself to finish Iron Fist yet? Neither have I. Nevertheless, we still have The Defenders to look forward to. And to make up for the insanely boring slog of Iron Fist, Marvel has prepared a thrilling first teaser for their upcoming superhero team-up. Pregnant women and people with heart problems may be wise to approach this with caution.


Whew, anyone else sweating?

All joking aside, this is technically our first look at all of The Defenders on screen at the same time. You got Bullet-Hoodie man, Alcoholic Lady, Hobo in a business suit man, Daredevil, who suspiciously dressed like comic Iron Fist. All together. Riding an elevator. Gripping stuff. One must wonder, will the elevator open up to a hallway?

Now, thanks to some digging from Entertainment Weekly, we have confirmation on when we’ll actually be able to watch this thing.

Sayeth EW:

If you plug in those numbers in the upper left-hand corner to your browser (, it’ll redirect to a website for The New York Bulletin, the newspaper where Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page now works. At the bottom is a message that reads, “Watch Marvel’s The Defenders All Episodes Streaming Only on Netflix August 18.”

There’s your answer: We’ll be able to binge The Defenders in August! Personally, I was expecting a July release date, but hey, now we know for sure. Here’s hoping we get an actual trailer between now and then.

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