Thanks to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter, we know now who is voicing Miles Morales in the upcoming animated Spider-Man movie.

Hint: it’s not Donald Glover.

That’s right. As it turns out, Shameik Moore, star indie darling of Dope and The Get Down, will take up the web-shooters and voice Miles Morales in his big screen debut. I think this is a really great choice. Moore is a super talented dude. Hell, I remember actually feeling like Moore would make a solid Miles Morales in a hypothetical Spider-Man movie whilst watching Dope.

Not only that, but we also learned that Liev Schreiber is going to be in this thing as well, in the form of the film’s villain. Although, just what villain he is playing remains a mystery.  If you were to put a gun to my head and ask me who I think it is, I’d say Kraven., but that may just be Schreiber’s tenure as Sabertooth coloring my perception.

Either way,  these are two rock solid choices. Partner them with a script from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and this animated Spider-Man movie looking to be coming together quite nicely.

You dig these casting choices? Who do you think Liev Schreiber is playing? Let me know in the comments below!

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