I know why you’re here. I’m not going to waste any time grandstanding.

Here it is:

Now that’s a god damn trailer. After months of speculation, we’ve finally received our first look at The Last Jedi and man does it look good.

We see a lot of Luke training Rey, which should come as no surprise to anyone (note: everyone) who saw The Force Awakens. What this trailer does give us is more Luke Skywalker than the all of Episode 7, though, it isn’t like that’s an overly impressive feat.

Not only that, but we got a quick check in on all of our other friends. Finn’s still sleeping! Poe and BB8 running from explosions! Kylo’s broken helmet! More explosions! Super cool shot of Kylo with his lightsaber! The beginning of a set piece that looks suspiciously reminiscent of Hoth! Yup, this is definitely the second part of a Star Wars trilogy. I’m sure I’m missing about a billion cool things in this trailer, but that’s what other speculative people are for.

This trailer, like previous Force Awakens trailers, is refreshingly light on plot details. Really the only thing we know that’s happening here is Luke training Rey in the ways of the force and if that ending tag is anything to go by, he uh, might be training her in the way we expect. “It’s time for the Jedi to end”? That’s sure to set the internet ablaze.

As if you don’t already have it marked on your calendar, Star Wars: The Last Jedi flies into theaters December 15th.

Along with the trailer, we also got a super cool poster! Check it out:


Alright, time for us all to over-analyze all this stuff! Sound off in the comments below.

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