Well, the wait is finally over. Captain Marvel has finally found its directors, not a moment too soon. You’ll notice I said “directors” and not “director”, and that’s because, well, there’s more than one!

That’s right. The directing duo of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have signed on to direct Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, their first to be headlined by a woman.

The team of Boden and Fleck have been responsible for various character-driven dramas such as Half Nelson and Mississippi Grind, as well as the romantic comedy It’s Kind of a Funny Story. In typical Marvel Studios fashion, this choice seems particularly out of left feel. Now, I’m not familiar with Half Nelson or Mississippi Grind, but based on my experience with It’s Kind of a Funny Story, these guys wouldn’t be my first choice for a superhero movie. But, I’m just a dumb movie blogger, so what the hell do I know.

Based on Marvel’s track record,  however, I completely trust their judgment. Hell, before pumping out Winter Soldier and Civil War (as well as the next two Avengers movies), the Russos were known for their work on TV comedies such as Arrested Development and Community, with their only feature length film being You, Me, and Dupree. The upcoming Thor: Ragnarois being helmed by Taika Waititi, a dude known for the fantastic indie comedy What We Do in the Shadows. Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn’s work primarily consisted of PG Porn, various Troma projects, Slither, and the script for the live-action Scooby Doo movies.

The point is, Marvel knows what they’re doing. If they believe in Boden and Fleck’s vision for Captain Marvel, then by golly, I’m on board. I’m just glad we can finally end the speculation on it.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8th, 2019.

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