If you’re anything like me and are a huge Wes Anderson fan, that means you’re chomping at the bit for just about any info on the upcoming film. Considering the fact that we’re still quite a ways off from Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion dog movie Isle of Dogs (this thing doesn’t come out until 2018!), any info is appreciated.

Well, today is our lucky day. The first poster for the film has just been unveiled. Check it out:


Yup. That looks like a Wes Anderson film alright. While plot details of the film are sparse, if this poster is anything to go by, Isle of Dogs is about an astronaut who crash-lands on an island full of talking dogs voiced by a bunch of famous people. How accurate is that? I have no idea, you’ll have to ask Wes Anderson.

Nevertheless, I’m supremely excited to see Anderson return to the world of animation. Fantastic Mr. Fox remains one of my favorite films of his, and I’ve come to expect nothing short of greatness from Anderson. The dude is on one hell of a hot streak.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. We’ll keep you updated on any more news surrounding Isle of Dogs as it becomes available. Until then, Isle of Dogs hits theaters April 20th, 2018.

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