I’m assuming you read the article title. We both know why you’re here, no need for introductions. Let’s watch the trailer!

This looks like a blast! The first Kingsman was a surprisingly enjoyable satirical take on the Bond formula, and the sequel looks to dial up the ridiculousness to 100. You’ve got your evil giant mountain bases, your fancy cars that turn into submarines, and of course all the British charm one could hope for.

Not only that, but we get our introduction to the Statesmen, the American cowboy version of the Kingsman, and they look so amazingly great. As ridiculously American as the Kingsman are British, the Statesmen are just the icing on the cake that is the Kingsman world. While it wasn’t explicitly revealed in the trailer, just as the Kingsman are named after Arthurian Legend knights, the Statesmen are all named after liquors. No joke, Channing Tatum’s character is named Agent Tequila and Pedro Pascal is Jack Daniels. Did I mention they were cowboys? I feel that needs to be restated.

As with most Matthew Vaughn’s directed features, the action set pieces in the trailer are aces. I’m sure we all remember the now iconic “church scene” from the original Kingsman. By the looks of it, we’re in for some action as equally as awesome.

I’m honestly surprised they revealed Colin Firth’s resurrection in the trailer. I thought they’d leave that as a big surprise in the movie, but maybe the big twist lies with how exactly he came back. Is he a robot? Clone? Evil Colin Firth? Nick Fury Sr? I guess we’ll find out.

Yeah, I’m pretty much all in on this thing. What about you guys? Excited to see more Kingsman? Let me know in the comments below.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters September 22, 2017.

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