Behold: the latest trailer for A24 and Trey Edward Shults’ upcoming horror film It Comes At Night. Warning to those super wary of spoilers, you may want to avoid this one.

Check it out:

Wow, this movie looks fantastic! The vague concept given here is pretty intriguing. Is this possibly post-apocalyptic? What is so special about the red door? Why is everyone throwing up on everyone? I’ll admit, I didn’t pay the closest of attention watching the trailer, do to wanting to go into It Comes At Night knowing the fewest details possible. But alas, what is a movie blogger to do?

Now, this film was the surprise screening at last week’s Overlook Film Festival. The word on the street is that this film is terrific, surprising, and utterly horrifying. I can’t wait.

Along with that fancy new trailer, we also received a fancy new poster. Check it out:

It Comes At Night hits theaters June 9th. We’re very excited.

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