Last night, Warner Brothers premiered the latest trailer for Wonder Woman on Gotham. Unfortunately, no one saw it, because, well, it was on Gotham. But have no fear, your friendly neighborhood movie blogger is here.

Check it out guys, it’s pretty bad ass:

Now, praising any DCEU trailer must come with the disclaimer that all DCEU trailers have been great, but come on, this was a pretty great trailer. The action looks great. There’s plenty of footage of Diana kicking ass, even if we have already seen most of it. Chris Pine continues to be the highlight of Wonder Woman’s marketing, channeling his inner Shatner as he spouts off quips left and right. I enjoy the dynamic the trails have set up between Pine’s character and Diana, even if it appears that Pine is doing most of the comedic heavy lifting.

We still haven’t heard a lot of spoken dialogue from Gal Gadot and it’s a little concerning, to say the least. In a movie full of weak links, Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman was one of the weakest. I’m still unsure if she has it in her to carry an entire film on her own.

That being said, the marketing has portrayed her take on Diana as one centered on stoicism and action. Hopefully, the film is able to play to Gadot’s strengths as Diana discovers her heroism and humanity within herself, before fucking off to do who knows what for one hundred years, waiting to receive an email from Bruce Wayne. Thanks, BvS.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2nd. It’s probably the DCEU’s best chance at delivering a decent film. Let’s cross our fingers.

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