Well, it’s finally here. The first full-length trailer for The Defenders, Netflix’s very own version of a Marvel superhero team. Let’s check it out:

I have to say, this looks pretty freaking awesome. I was feeling maybe just a tad burnt out from the Netflix corner of the MCU after the disappointing second half of Luke Cage and the complete disaster that was Iron Fist. Seriously, I maybe managed to watch 3 episodes of that show before I had to tap out.

But this trailer totally brought me back and reminded me why I loved this idea in the first place. The trailer starts off strong by introducing the two best characters on the Defenders’ roster, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock. I have been waiting so long to see Matt represent a superhero. This also serves as the perfect way to bring the pair together. I love the banter between the two.

“You look like an idiot.”

“This is your scarf.”

So good.

The Luke and Danny stuff even managed to work! I found Danny Rand to be absolutely insufferable in his solo show. Seeing Luke Cage knock him on his ass and scoff at his “Immortal Iron Fist” stuff was so satisfying.  With that being said, I liked Danny more in this trailer more than I had in Iron Fist, so that’s progress. Luke Cage is still a bad ass. I really hope they nail the bromance between the two characters.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Marvel Netflix show without a single take hallway fight scene. This trailer gives us a small glimpse at The Defenders’ scene, showing the entire team working together to fight a bunch of goons. I couldn’t be more excited to see this fight in proper context. Unlike the atrocious fight choreography in Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, this actually seems to be on par with Daredevil, which delights me greatly.

All in all, this was a pretty solid trailer. With the guys behind Daredevil running this thing, I have high hopes that The Defenders is going to knock our socks off.

The Defenders hits Netflix August 18. You guys excited?

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