Yup, the first actual trailer for season seven of Game of Thrones is here. Let’s take one little looksie, shall we?

Well, this looks climactic as fuck. Game of Thrones has spent approximately sixty hours of television building to all out war between the seven kingdoms and the white walkers, and, well, they’re really going for it, aren’t they?

I now will try and list all the awesome things happening in this trailer as one stream of consciousness:

Dany is finally in Westeros and attacking King’s Landing! Jon Snow’s still DA KING IN DA NORF-ing and choking out Littlefinger! Dothraki attacking via horseback!  Dragons! New armor for zombie mountain, err, I mean Ser Robert Strong! Boats on fire! Giant battles everywhere! Dragons! Missandei and Grey Worm getting down and dirty!

Yeah, as you can tell this trailer has gotten my hyped as hell for the upcoming season (as if I weren’t hyped enough already). While my breakdown may not be the most comprehensive, I’m sure someone at r/asoiaf has dissected this thing frame by frame.

We’re officially entering endgame territory for Game of Thrones. To see all the numerous plot threads converge in such spectacular fashion is pretty damn exciting. These seven episodes are going to be epic.

Game of Thrones returns to our TV screens July 16th. Mark your calendars folks.

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