As if the first two trailers haven’t featured enough footage of Spider-Man: Homecoming already, Sony went ahead and released two new trailers for their upcoming walloping web-slinging superhero film.

First up is a trailer tailor made for our simple American minds:

And then, of course, the international version:

Now, I went ahead and skipped on watching the international trailer, due to the desire to maintain some element of surprise once I finally get to watch this thing (feel free to comment on it). I did watch the American version, and I think it’s the best look we’ve gotten at Homecoming yet.

The domestic trailer really delivers on the teenage superhero antics that previous Spider-Man films have only ever paid lip service to.  The “But we have a Spanish quiz tomorrow” bit is absolutely perfect. This is the teenage Spidey we’ve been waiting for. This actually feels like a John Hughes-esque teen comedy, and that’s such a fresh angle to take with this character.

I loved the small bits we got of Spidey performing minor heroics such as stopping a bike thief and helping an old lady cross the street. Tom Holland’s delivery of the churro line is pure gold.

Spider-Man’s received some serious tech upgrades here as well. The Spider suit almost looks like a full-fledged Iron Man suit, with an AI and everything. From previous trailers, we know that Stark takes it away at some point, leaving Spidey to don his homemade getup. Methinks we’ll have something more akin to classic Spidey by the end of this film. However, if not, I’m totally on board with high-tech Spider-Man.

I think I’m done gushing about this thing. Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th. We’re totally in the bag for it here. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

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