Against all DC-stacked odds, Wonder Woman proved to be a smash success both critically and commercially, primarily thanks to stellar directing on the part of Patty Jenkins. Word on the street was both Gal Gadot and Jenkins were signed for what should be an inevitable sequel. Apparently, that isn’t the case.

According to a report over at The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has yet to officially sign Jenkins for a sequel.

It reads:

While star Gal Gadot has an option in place for Wonder Woman 2 as part of her overall deal to appear in several DC movies, Warner Bros. executives enlisted Jenkins for just one film, a decision that could end up costing the studio millions of dollars if Jenkins’ reps drive a hard bargain for her to return.

Well, what a characteristically boneheaded move on WB’s part. Note, this is the same studio that signed Zack Snyder for three films, and well, his films speak for themselves. Maybe WB wised up on their mistakes and are reluctant to sign more contracts such as Snyder’s. Maybe it’s due to the systematic sexism that’s prevalent in Hollywood Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Nevertheless, this will cost Warner Bros. no matter which way this plays out. Not signing Jenkins for a Wonder Woman sequel would be a colossal mistake. Losing the director of the only good movie in this franchise would be yet another terrible move on WB’s part. The backlash would be legendary.

However, after the immense success of Wonder Woman, Jenkins is a more expensive buy. The ball is completely in her court if WB chooses to resign her, it’ll definitely cost them millions. And you know what? That’s great. If anyone deserves a multi-million dollar raise, it’s Jenkins. After all, WB needs her way more than she needs them.

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