A new trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s redneck heist-film Logan Lucky just dropped today, and it’s almost as enjoyable as the first.

Let’s check it out:

After making a name for himself with the Ocean’s franchise, Soderbergh has brought his talent making ensemble heist flicks to middle America. Logan Lucky looks shockingly similar to a hillbilly take on the Ocean’s movies and that sounds pretty awesome to me. While it may bear some resemblance to a Coen Brothers‘ movie, who says they get the monopoly on dumb criminals?

Daniel Craig’s accent is still just as ridiculous as it was in the first trailer. I mean, with a name like Joe Bang, I don’t know what anybody expected. Soderbergh has re-teamed with Magic Mike alumnus Channing Tatum and the result looks just as spectacular. His chemistry with Adam Driver looks SO entertaining. I can’t wait to see their hilarious constant bickering in the full film.

If you still aren’t sold on this thing, here’s a synopsis to help convince you:

“The Logans are a hardscrabble family from the hills of West Virginia, and their clan has been famous for its bad luck for nearly 90 years. But the conniving Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) decides its time to turn the family’s luck around, and with a little help from his friends, the Redneck Robbers, he plans to steal $14 million from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.”

Logan Lucky opens on August 18th. We here at Caffeinated Film are very excited.

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