To say the marketing for The Dark Tower has been underwhelming would be a massive understatement. Now, this could just be chocked up to characteristically bad marketing on Sony’s part. Or, the more likely scenario, Sony are simply trying to sell a less-than-stellar film. There’s no way of really knowing folks. Not until we actually see this thing. Nevertheless, the latest international trailer tries its very best to get you on board with this thing. Let’s check it out:

My first reaction? Methinks the marketing department is a little too obsessed with the dumb double mid-air reloading revolvers trick. But whatever, I can look passed that. While this trailer, like the others, failed to get me excited in any way for The Dark Tower, I will admit that this is the best one yet.

The previous trailers gave me a serious YA movie vibe, and thankfully this trailer manages to avoid that. It helps that the trailer is mostly focused on Idris Elba’s Roland instead of his young boy sidekick. I’m still not completely sold, however. I’m getting a serious early 2000s Underworld/Resident Evil vibe from the whole thing, and as someone with a fleeting knowledge of the source material, that’s something I definitely shouldn’t be comparing this too. I mean, why is everything so damn gray and drab? Isn’t The Dark Tower supposed to be a fantastical western?

I’m rooting for The Dark Tower, I really am! But nothing I’ve seen so far instills me with much hope. We’re just a few weeks out from release. Are you guys looking forward to this thing?

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