Well, Sir Ridley Scott sure had some interesting things to say to i09 regarding his plans for the Alien franchise. Namely concerning the return Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley.

Let’s see what he had to say:

“We’re heading toward the back end of the first Alien so (using CG) may be feasible. I don’t think it’ll… but Ripley’s going to be somebody’s daughter. Obviously. We’re coming in from the back end. The time constraints, of what’s the time between this film, where we leave David going off heading for that colony, I think you’re probably two films out from even considering her.”

Well folks, Ridley Scott just went full George Lucas. Ignoring the colossal disappointment that was Alien: Covenant for a moment, the revelation that Scott’s prequel Alien trilogy would cozy up the beginning of the original film is not a new one. For better or worse, we knew that Scott planned on relinquishing all sense of mystery from the franchise by delving into the origins of the Xenomorph. What we didn’t know is that it would encompass Ripley’s origins as well.

I have some major fucking hang ups with this plan. First things first, after awkwardness surrounding Carrie Fischer and Rogue One, I feel this young CGI route is something we should avoid in for the foreseeable future. Especially after Blompkamp’s Aliens was ripped out from under her Secondly, why the hell do we even need to see a young Ripley? What relevance could her character have to the misadventures of space Hannibal Lect-I mean David? The notion that she is “obviously someone’s daughter is, frankly, ridiculous. Just why does she have to be someone’s daughter? Why can’t she just be left as some space trucker who was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

With each passing installment, Scott overexplains and shrinks the Alien universe more and more. He’s surpassed Lucas’ Star Wars prequels in that regard at this point. As of now, everything, including the creation of the Xenomorph itself, doubles back to Weyland-Yutani. If this extends to Ripley as well, that’ll be the last straw for the franchise. The idea of Ripley being pre-destined to be some bad ass Xenomorph-slayer is totally absurd, severely taking away from her character arc.

That being said, officially, the next Alien film has yet to enter development. Covenant ended up being something of a financial flop, so it remains to be seen if Scott will even get the chance to round out his trilogy.

If he does, well, in the words of the lady herself: Get away from her you bitch.

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