Thanks to those cool people at Entertainment Weekly, we’ve recently received our first look at Steven Spielberg’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Ready Player One. The image features Tye Sheridan (whose apparently cornered the market on roles featuring weird-looking eyewear) hooked into to some VR get-up.

Check it out:


Well, it sure as hell looks like a Spielberg  For those of wondering “what the heck is a Ready Player One“, here’s a short synopsis:

A teen (Tye Sheridan) finds adventure in a virtual reality world in 2044.

Pretty sparse as far as descriptions go. From what I understand, much of the book takes place in a virtual video game world not dissimilar to The Matrix. It also apparently leans pretty heavily into the same 80s nostalgia that’s made such a resurgence in popular culture as of late.

Now, I’ve read some mixed reactions to the original novel that range from “it’s okay” to “it’s insufferable pandering garbage”. By most accounts, it’s fairly unspectacular. Hell, I’ve even heard it described as a movie pitch in book form. However, this is a Spielberg movie, and you’d be wise never to bet against the man. Especially when some of his other book adaptations, Jurassic Park and Jaws, are some of the best films in the canon of blockbuster cinema.

Ready Player One opens March 30th, 2017. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about it.

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