As you may have guessed by this article’s title, the first trailer for It didn’t do much to impress me. I had all but written off the film as an over-the-top schlockfest. And then I watched the new trailer.

Check it out:

While Pennywise still looks stupid as fuck, hearing his voice certainly makes him more menacing. It’s unsettling as hell. There may be hope for him yet (the pipe photo not withstanding).

This trailer as a whole feels a lot more subdued and atmospheric than the first one. It isn’t as in your face and, for lack of a better word, loud. I actually felt a little tense in a few points in this trailer. All of the kids feel genuine and their small town, Derry, ME, has a lot of character. There’s a decent mix of new and old footage as well. The trailer doesn’t give away too much more than we originally saw, it just manages to cut it together in a  more satisfying way. Kudos to you, trailer editors.

It isn’t all sunshine and roses, however. This still looks to be a little too over the top. There are a few too many “jump scares” here that aren’t scary in the slightest. The final shot with my boy Finn Wolfhard being pursued by Pennywise looks downright laughable. Hopefully, that’s just the marketing angle WB are taking with this thing.

After this trailer, I’m feeling a lot more confident in this latest adaptation of It. It hits theaters September 8th. You into this?

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