Let’s get one thing straight: remaking Eli Roth remaking Death Wish with Bruce Willis was never going to end well. While the original Death Wish wasn’t necessarily “woke” (as the kids say), the trailer for the 2017 remake is a whole other beast. This thing is tone-deaf, borderline offensive, and looks like it’s selling a terrible movie to boot.

Let’s take a look.

In case you can’t wrap your head around what you just watched, Death Wish stars Bruce Willis as an angry old white dude who, by his own volition, decides to hit the streets of Chicago (in a fucking hoodie no less) haphazardly murdering minorities in what looks to be a light-hearted action romp.

Fucking seriously?

Now, Eli Roth has never been what one would call a subtle director, but damn dude, this is a new low.  This is everything George fucking Zimmerman and the rest of the MAGA NRA crowd fantasize in their wet dreams about. Nevermind the fact that the original novel was originally written as an indictment of vigilante justice. No, this version of Death Wish applauds that kind of thinking, glorifying murder, embracing it fully with a “fuck yeah” attitude to the tune of ACDC. Ugh, this thing just looks vile. And that’s without taking into account the whole DTV feel it has going on. Just bad all around.

Death Wish releases November 22. This writer shall not be watching it.

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