The slick new trailer for Molly’s Game is here. Let’s take a look at all this poker and mob fueled action:

Molly’s Game marks the directing debut of Aaron Sorkin, mainly known mostly for his punchy scripts. If you’ve seen The West Wing, Steve Jobs, The Social Network, or any other high profile Sorkin penned project, you know what I’m talking about. Sorkin is the king of rapid-fire dialogue. I’m extremely curious to see how he manages at directing his own work for once.

Jessica Chastain looks fantastic in this. Which is a given, considering she’s almost always fantastic. She fits right into a Sorkin script. Her verbal sparring with Idris Elba looks like it’ll be some classic Sorkin stuff. Joining these two high profile actors are Kevin Costner, Chris O’DowdBrian d’Arcy James, and, oddly enough, Michael Cera of all people. Now I like Cera, but I can’t be the only one who thinks he sticks out like a sore thumb here.

Nevertheless, I’m very much looking forward to this, if only for the exceptional dialogue it’ll surely have. Molly’s Game hits theaters November 22nd. You betting (I’m sorry) on seeing this?

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